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TERA units

TERA units are specifically designed for installations in motor vehicles where the influence of vibrations and extreme temperatures can potentially compromise the functionality of electronic devices. TERA units comply with directives for installation and use in motor vehicles and are certified by multiple international certification bodies.

Reliability and quality of TERA units are of the utmost importance because they must not hinder the behavior of the vehicle and its systems; otherwise, the warranty of the vehicle could be compromised.

TERA units are divided (according to their purpose) into 4 categories:

Flexible configuration possibilities and a wide range of possible applications place TERA units above other similar devices.

All TERA units feature extremely low power consumption and the ability to be used for a variety of purposes in various conditions. All units can be connected to:

Characteristics of TERA units are:

TERA system
TERA software
TERA units


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