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TERA Calculator - fuel expenses and savings

TERA calculator illustrates the calculation of (for an entire fleet on a yearly basis):

Values given in the table ('average fuel consumption per vehicle' and 'yearly mileage') are realistic and obtained from leasing companies. These values can be adapted to more accurately represent a particular fleet.

Type of vehicle within the fleet: Passenger vehicles Delivery vehicles Heavy vehicles
Average fuel consumption per vehicle: lit/100 km lit/100 km lit/100 km
Yearly mileage: km km km
Price of one litre of fuel:
Anticipated savings in fuel consumption: % % %
Number of vehicles in the fleet:
Total mileage:
Total fuel expenses:
Total fuel savings:

Note: Savings in fuel consumption of 8% is a realistic value achieveable by using TERA systems to attain an in-depth insight into vehicle exploitation.

Passenger vehicles are typical automobiles, delivery vehicles are vans such as Iveco Daily, Mercedes Vito/Sprinter while heavy vehicles are busses, trucks and trailers such as Mercedes Actros and others.

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