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TERA system
Satellite vehicle tracking and fleet management

TERA system is a complete and comprehensive turn-key solution for satellite vehicle tracking (AVL) and fleet management that offers detailed information about the location and performance of a single vehicle, as well as a complete fleet. The design, modularity, and quality of TERA systems guarantee reliable operation and offer a wide range of applications, even for the most demanding customers.

TERA system consists of 2 segments: (a) TERA units installed in vehicles and (b) TERA software  responsible for communication with TERA units and data processing.

TERA units are installed in vehicles and use GPS satellites ("global positioning system") for precise determination of a vehicle’s location (coordinates). Information about the location and vehicle status (engine, door, battery level etc), is delivered by the TERA units to a GSM operator using a GPRS and/or SMS communication. From the GSM operator to end user, information is transferred via a VPN link over the Internet, leased frame relay line, or via GPRS.

TERA software is installed at the location of the end user and is responsible for maintaining a continuous communication with TERA units. Data delivered by the units is archived in a local database for further processing and review. In a user-friendly environment, the client has complete access to information about the vehicle location presented on a map, as well as detailed information about the performance of individual vehicles or the entire vehicle fleet.

TERA system is designed for a wide range of customers and their needs. Major applications include:

Modularity and flexibility of TERA system allow its adaptation to specific client needs as well as integration with other information systems.

TERA system
TERA software
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