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Automation in industry

Automation of various industrial processes results in a higher degree of control over the production process, which is the basis for an increased output. In this field, SCA offers complete solutions for local automation, local and/or remote process monitoring and control, and integration with an established information system.

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Energy efficiency

Success of a company can be improved either by increasing sales, or by decreasing operating expenses. SCA is focused on developing complete solutions in the area of electrical energy savings, and offers systems for reliable and detailed monitoring, archiving and analysis of energy consumption. This is a key step towards a more energy efficient system and a reduced energy bill.

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Fleet management

SCA is a leader in the area of satellite vehicle tracking from a perspective of vehicle safety and fleet management logistics. A leader's position is achieved by the fact that we use the most renowned and reliable hardware on the market, complemented with CSA-developed software custom made according to clients' specifications.

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