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Mains analysers

With the monitoring of electric grid parameters, which can potentially lead to energy savings, becoming more and more popular, a need arises for a system that will monitor a large number of parameters in real time and with high accuracy.

Traditional instruments used in reading such parameters are often inadquate due to the following limitations:

Mains analysers are devices that will address such measurement shortcomings in single-, two-, and three-phase systems. Advantages of mains analysers are:

SCA supports all the leading mains analyser manufacturers and ensures an integral software solution that enables a transparent integration of analysers into an existing information system. Alternatively, an independent system can be tailored to suit individual client needs.

Manufacturer Model Pamphlet
Schrack Technik NA-96
Socomec Diris A20, Diris A40
Schneider Electric PM700
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Mains analysers


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