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Energy efficiency

    systems and measures leading towards energy savings

In the field of energy savings, SCA is involved in implementing systems that perform detailed monitoring, archiving, and analyses of the most important low-voltage grid parameters. Monitoring locations include, but are not limited to:

Measurements are made using mains analysers. One or more analysers are connected to a PC where the data is archived, displayed, and analysed. The set of methods for data transfer is diverse (wired connection, wireless connection, etc.) and dependent on the project specification.

A PC is equipped with one of SCA ENERGO software packages. The type of software package implemented varies from project to project. The palette of software solutions is tailored to suit client needs.

Implementing a system for continuous monitoring, archiving, and analysis of such parameters is the first step towards the realisation of measures that will directly result in energy savings. Introducing the system enables the user to:

Energy efficiency

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